The Home Buying Process

Get Approved

  • Meet with your loan officer or mortgage consultant and be very clear about the loan details. (i.e. interest rates, closing costs, points, documents needed to process loan)

Know about up-front costs

  • Good faith deposit, inspections, appraisal, homeowner's insurance

View homes with me

  • Be specific and wants and needs, likes and dislikes; this will save time

Place your best offer

  • Offer is made in writing
  • Good faith deposit is needed at time of offer
  • Pre-qualification letter is needed at time of offer

Secure your agreement

  • Obtain "good faith" estimate - estimate of your closing costs

Choose your attorney

Conduct home and termite inspections

Appraisal is conducted by the bank

Loan is approved...celebrate!

Obtain Homeowner's Insurance and contact utility companies

Final walk-through of property